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Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Nature Dissemination level Delivery date Download
D1.1 Quality Assurance Plan R PU 3 Available
D2.1 Preliminary design of the mechanical parts O CO 3 Confidential
D2.2 Requirements for the new sensors for shoot portions and for soil-root portions R PU 4 Available
D2.3 Design of the new sensors O CO 8 Confidential
D2.4 Technical specification for the power system with solar panels R PU 10 Available
D2.5 Technical Specifications for the new LED Lamps R CO 9 Confidential
D2.6 Technical specification for the communication and control system R PU 12  Available
D3.1 New Growth protocols R CO 6 Confidential
D3.2 Intermediate report on growth tests R PU 18  Available
D3.3 Final report on growth tests and biological validation R PU 35 Available
D4.1 Final design of the Growth Chamber (mechanics and water) O CO 14  Confidential
D4.2 New LED lamps built and tested O CO 15  Confidential
D4.3 New sensors built and tested O CO 18  Confidential
D4.4 Control, communication and monitoring system O CO 20  Confidential
D4.5 Robotic devices O CO 19  Confidential
D4.6 Power system with solar panels O CO 21  Confidential
D4.7 Report on completed development of tecnical components R CO 22  Confidential
D5.1 New growth chamber assembled with all the devices integrated P CO 25  Confidential
D5.2 User's manual O PU 31  Available
D6.1 Report on the technical validation R PU 29 Available
D7.1 Project Web site O PU 3 You are here!
D7.2 Market analysis O PU 30 Available
D7.3 Proceedings from Workshop1 R PU 12  Available
D7.4 Proceedings from Workshop2 R PU 21 Available
D7.5 Proceedings from Workshop 3 and and report on the participation at an international fair R PU 33 Available
D7.6 Articles and peer-reviewed papers R PU 34 Available
D7.7 Industrial Implementation Plan and Plan for the organisation of the Distributed Company O CO 34  Confidential
D7.8 Plan for use and dissemination of the foregrond R CO 12  Confidential
D7.9 Policy brief with a synthesis of policy relevant results from the project R PU 35 Available


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