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C&S Europe is a SME registered in Flanders, Belgium (with the number 0841.025.632) delivering services in the research field and in the management and exploitation of the research results

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C&S has been established in 2011, after a long experience as partners, coordinators, evaluators and technical and financial managers in national and international projects , including the EC funded projects in FP5, FP6 and FP7.
C&S offers a full range of services for H2020 projects, based on the experience of the partners; the company also acts in the research projects as “Research integrator”: a subject combining and harmonising several different research expertise to achieve innovative results. C&S has set up a complete series of training courses for Horizon 2020. More...


Carlo Polidori is an engineer with more than 25 year of experience in project management. He lives in Brussels since 2008 and works in his consulting company C&S Europe. Carlo is external evaluator for projects funded by the European Commission since 1999 and has continuously evaluated and reviewed projects in FP5, FP 6, FP7 and Horizon 2020. Since 2003 he has been directly involved in research project as project writer, coordinator and partner. Carlo was lecturer of EU research projects in two courses of the “Master on International business and economic cooperation” at the University of Bari (Italy) held on 2007 and 2008 and teacher in two H2020 courses at the Chamber of Commerce in Viterbo. He was also trainer in the following international courses:
  • Amman (December 2013): “Training for Mediterranean-National Contact Points on H2020 http://agora.medspring.eu/en/content/training-h2020-presentations;
  • Brussels (May 2014): “Debpal2 project: Reinforcing capacity building of the Arab University of Jerusalem”. Target: professors, researchers and administrative officers of Al-Quds University;
  • Cairo (October 2015):“Training And Capacity Building On Horizon 2020 for Mediterranean and Middle East NCPs and Research Managers.
Carlo personally thought , wrote and submitted five research projects that has been selected for funding: H2020 ECOROADS (www.ecoroadsproject.eu); DG Move PILOT4SAFETY (http://pilot4safety.fehrl.org); FP7 ZEPHYR (www.zephyr-project.eu); FP7 DEBPAL2 – (http://debpal.veltha.org); FP6 RIPCORD-ISEREST http://cordis.europa.eu/project/rcn/87897_en.html

Silvia Giannisi is President of the no-profit international research association Veltha iwzw, based in Belgium and partner in two FP7 research projects. From 2004 to 2009 she was the manager of the Italian Consulting firm EMYS, involved in several national and international projects for sustainable development for SMEs. Silvia was personally involved in the financial management of two FP7 and one H2020 projects, as well as in the technical and financial management of a LIFE project. Silvia was trainer in two training courses for the “Camera di Commercio di Viterbo”:
  • “Gestione finanziaria per i progetti di ricerca 7PQ: come sostenere un Audit effettuato dalla Commissione Europea” - 2013
  • “Le novità del nuovo programma di ricerca della Commissione Europea “Horizon 2020”: il budget dei progetti e la gestione finanziaria-2014
She was in charge of the WP4 “TRAINING in EU research projects appraisal” of the FP7 project DEBPAL for the modules:
  • Module 1: FP7 General Framework and related EU policy; Proposal analysis and selection: How to participate – 2013;
  • Module 2: How to prepare a proposal; consortium set up and agreement; FP7 Proposal Evaluation - 2013;
  • Module 3: FP7-H2020 (difference) Contract Negotiation and Finance; How to involve SMEs in the proposals - 2014;
  • Module 4: FP7-H2020 (difference) Project management: the Coordinator’s role; Cost statements and report to the Commission – 2015;
  • Module 5: Training for local trainers – 2015.

Andrea Ramacciani is the EU-Project Manager of A+S Consult GmbH, a Germany engineering company. He advices on research issues, he organizes, writes and submits project proposals related to ICT, Transport and Environment. He has taken part in several 7th Frame programme and Horizon 2020 projects, funded and in evaluation (passed the 1st phase). Moreover he represents A+S Consult GmbH in the major events in Brussels.
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